College Notices: w/c 24th June 2013

by Kim Small.  

Important Dates

  • Wed 26th June - Open Evening
  • No timetabled lessons for current students
  • Simply Go – 2nd buses in for students helpers - no late buses home
  • Thu 4th July - Progression Fair
  • 8.50am, 10.25am & 3.15pm lessons run as usual
  • 11.25am-12.30pm - lunch break
  • 12.30pm-3pm - follow Progression schedule
  • Fri 5th July - Welcome Event
  • For students starting College in September
  • No timetabled lessons for current students
  • Simply Go – 2nd buses in / 1st buses home for students
  • Wed 10th July - Last Day of Teaching for this Academic Year
  • Full day of timetabled lessons
  • Simply Go buses - normal Wednesday service
  • Thu 11th July - Taster Day
  • For Year 10 students of partner schools by invitation
  • Simply Go – 2nd buses in / 1st buses home for student helpers

Student Mentor Training

  • Look out for Student Moodle postings and all Student Mentor information can be found under the yellow duck icon in Moodle.
  • 2nd session - Tue 25th June - IT classrooms 318 & 319 - 12.40pm-1.30pm
  • 3rd session - Tue 2nd July - DLC – 12.40pm-1.30pm
  • Please contact Jan Symes if you have any queries

Hermes Property Registration

  • Mobile Phones, Bikes, Cameras, and Laptops are just a few examples of valuable personal possessions stolen every day in Hampshire
  • If the details of your property are logged on the Hermes Database, you are much more likely to get them returned to you
  • Members of the College’s Student Watch project in conjunction with Hampshire Police will be able to add details of any of your valuable items in the refectory between 10am and 2pm on Monday July 1st. Please bring items with you so that their details can be scanned into the system.
  • Get it Logged. Get it Back

Progression Fair – 4th July

  • Students to collect their individual schedules from Tutors on Thursday 27th June
  • Sign up at the Student Hub to attend the following talks in addition to your schedule:
  • Nursing – Talk provided by a Consultant Trainee nurse on Learning Disability Nursing
  • Accounting/Business – Progression routes with Ernst & Young
  • US Sport Scholarships (only applicable for very high performing students usually competing at County, Regional, National Level)

PLD Core

  • w/c 24th June
  • UCAS registration
  • Prepare for Progression Fair
  • Insight Action Plan
  • w/c 1st & 8th July
  • UCAS registration
  • Completion of Personal Statement or any other outstanding work
  • Please note that all PLD Core lessons which moved out of room 313 due to exams have now moved back – effective 24th June.

Sexual Health Clinic

  • Free & confidential service
  • Contraception including the Pill, Patch, Injection, Emergency Contraception, Pregnancy testing, Chlamydia Screening and Condoms
  • Also advice on Coil and Implant and any other issues
  • Every Friday from 12.15pm to 2.00pm
  • Rooms 504 – 505 in the Student Hub – please use the Austen end entrance (orange door).

For ALL Students with Lockers

  • ALL locker keys must be returned to the Student Hub by Friday 5th July for a £10 cash refund. Locker keys cannot be kept and used for the next academic year.
  • You must clear your locker as they are emptied and cleaned over the holidays. No responsibility will be taken for any items left behind.
  • Lockers for 2013-14 will be issued during September.


  • Gay- Straight Alliance
  • Every Friday-room 67 from12.40pm–1.30pm
  • Find support
  • Be Support
  • Be Yourself
  • You don’t have to be gay to come along – you DO have to be anti homophobia and discrimination!