College Notices: w/c 25th March 2013

by Kim Small.  

Cautionary Tale of Drugs and Crime

  • Tuesday 26th March
  • 12.40pm-1.45pm – Martin Read Hall
  • Shaun Attwood, a former stock-market millionaire who served time in the jail with the highest rate of death in America, will be visiting College today to talk about his true story about prison and drugs.

Summer Term Bus pass

  • Not yet bought your summer term Simply Go bus pass?
  • The deadline has now passed, meaning that passes ordered from now will not be available for collection before the Easter break.
  • Passes can still be purchased through the Online Store but must be paid for in full (£120) and will be available to collect after the Easter break.

Comic Relief

  • Thank you for all your support on Comic Relief Day
  • Plenty of activities went on during the day in all areas of the College and we raised £200. We hope to add to this pot by having a Jumble Sale on the first Friday back after the holidays.
  • Thanks from Student Union Committee


  • Gay- Straight Alliance
  • Due to the Bank Holiday there will be no GSA meeting this week
  • Normally held every Friday in Room 67 from 12.40 – 1.30

Young Chamber of Commerce

  • The Young Chamber brings together young people between the ages of 11-19 with local businesses, to provide understanding about business, jobs, careers and the exciting range of potential opportunities.
  • To find out more go to:
  • Find out about The Skills Factor competition - a national contest for young people aged 12-19. The challenge is to get a team together, develop a great product or service and show how personal and business skills have been learned to overcome problems.
  • Competition deadline: 26th April 2013

Volunteering Opportunity

  • Volunteers needed to help in the organising/running of a sponsored walk for the All Saints Hard of Hearing Group, taking place in the Alton Public Gardens on Tuesday 30th April
  • Help out with advertising, marshalling, support etc
  • Please see Amanda Bollini or Megan Reid in the Photography Dept for further info.
  • Helen Freeston is available in the Student Hub every Tuesday from 10.30am-2pm to discuss Volunteering opportunities.

Moving from Year 1 to Year 2 (for first years)

  • It is VITAL that you ALL READ the important information provided on Moodle later this week regarding arranging your programme for Next Year
  • Information on:
  • When do I have to decide about the subjects I want to study next year?
  • Why am I being asked for this information now?
  • Can I keep all 4 subjects going into A2?
  • Can I pick up a new AS level in my second year?
  • Can I move automatically from the first year to the second year of my course?
  • How do I know whether my subject teachers support me?

Oxford and Cambridge (for first years)

  • If you are considering applying to Oxford or Cambridge, you MUST complete an ‘Expression of Interest’ form.
  • Forms can be collected from the Student Hub and need to be completed and returned by Friday 19th April.

PLD Core

  • w/c 25th March
  • Revision plan or coursework completion plan
  • University/Career research continued
  • w/c 15th April
  • Personal Statements - all students
  • Importance, guidance – introduction session

Student Finance (for second years)

  • The recommended deadline for applying for Student Finance is the 31st May – completing your application by this date will ensure that funds are available when you start university in Sept/Oct.
  • Apply via
  • We will be running one more workshop after Easter on the 26th April – please sign up at the Student Hub if you need help.

Replying to Uni Offers

  • If you are at the stage of replying to your university offers, please remember to give this careful thought.
  • Your firm acceptance is your first choice – if your firm choice is a conditional offer you should accept another offer as an insurance choice
  • We strongly advise that you select an insurance offer that is safe and within your current working at grades.
  • Your insurance must ask for lower grades than your firm.
  • See the ‘Replying to Offers’ presentation on Moodle / Student Support / Higher Education.
  • How and when to reply to offers:
  • Use Track to reply to your offers ( / Track Progress)
  • Your reply date will be displayed in Track and is based on when the last decision is received from your choices so it may be different to other people.
  • Last Decision by: 31Mar13 Your Reply Date: 08May13
  • Last Decision by: 09May13 Your Reply Date: 06Jun13

Sexual Health Clinic

  • Please remember there will be no Clinic this week due to the Bank Holiday – normal service resumes after the Easter Holidays
  • Every Friday from 12.15pm to 2.00pm
  • Rooms 504 – 505 in the Student Hub – please use the Austen end entrance (orange door).

End of Term

  • Spring term finishes at 4.30pm on Thursday 28th March
  • Enjoy the Easter break!
  • Summer term starts on Monday 15th April at 8.50am