College Notices: w/c 4th March 2013

by Kim small.  

Reflection Week

  • Please be sure to use Insight to record your thoughts on progress in your subjects/units.
  • The top of your Insight page will highlight how many reflections you still have outstanding
  • Complete reflections by Friday 8th March

Apprenticeships Talk

  • Tuesday 5th March
  • Martin Read Hall @ 1pm
  • Learn about the different types of apprenticeships available and how to search for them.
  • Even if you have already applied to university it is worth considering apprenticeships–they will often sponsor you through a foundation degree, degree or professional qualification.

January Exam Results

  • Thursday 7th March
  • Available on Insight from 6am
  • Deadline for Summer re-sits
  • Thursday 14th March at 12pm, midday.
  • Applications are to be made via the Online Store and no late applications will be accepted.

Drug Death

  • Farnham teenager 'drug death'
  • An 18yr old man, tragically died last weekend after taking a suspected psychedelic drug.
  • Probably 2C-B or 2C-I - 2 CB is one of the lesser known drugs in the UK but it's out there…
  • If you are worried about a friend or yourself - we can support you to get help if you have a problem – speak to your personal tutor or a counsellor
  • But you will be expelled if you bring drugs to College…
  • See Moodle / Student Resources / Student News
  • For more info

UCAS Convention (for first years)

  • Mon 18th / Tue 19th March
  • Places still available but going fast!
  • Book your place via the online store - £3.50 – please pay by card online and not with cash/cheque at the Hub
  • If you have already booked a place please ensure you collect a Convention Guide from the Student Hub before you go!

Student Finance Workshops (for second years)

  • Workshops being held on:
  • Fri 8th Mar: 11.30am - 2pm
  • Fri 15th Mar: 11.30am - 2pm
  • Fri 22nd Mar: 10.00am - 2pm
  • Fri 26th Apr: 10.00am - 2pm
  • Experts from universities will be available to help you with your application (no matter which universities you have applied to)
  • Please sign up for a place at the Student Hub

University offers (for second years)

  • Still waiting for offers?
  • Don’t worry….. if you applied by the 15th January deadline, universities should aim to make their decisions by 31st March, however they do have up to the 9th May to respond.
  • Remember to check UCAS Track regularly for updates on your offers and to respond to any interviews you receive.

Replying to Uni Offers (for second years)

  • How and when to reply to offers:
  • Use Track to reply to your offers
  • Your reply date will be displayed in Track and is based on when the last decision is received from your choices so it may be different to other people.
  • Last Decision by: 31Mar13 / Your Reply Date: 08May13
  • Last Decision by: 09May13 / Your Reply Date: 06Jun13

Cookery Club Helpers

  • Help needed with the cooking club on Wednesdays after school. Support children with chopping/mixing etc and help with setting up/clearing up. You also get to eat the product at the end!!
  • From 2.30 to 4.30/5.00
  • For more information please contact Helen Freeston, Volunteer Coordinator – or pop in to the Student Hub, Tuesday 10.30am – 2pm.

Comic Relief Jumble Sale

  • Need a wardrobe revamp? – Unworn clothes we need you!
  • Please bring in items, clothing (no kids wear), shoes, accessories for our Comic Relief Jumble Sale
  • Just drop your bags off at the hub and each item will be sold for bargain prices
  • on Friday 15th March for Comic Relief
  • All funds raised will go to our collection

Help the Student Union decide on a Charity

  • Apart from national fundraising activities such as Children in Need and Comic Relief, our fundraising goes to support one national charity and one local charity.
  • We have decided to support the local charity Jacks Place which is the youth section of the Naomi House Hospice, providing care for young people with life limiting conditions.
  • Help us decide which national (international) charity to support
  • ClicSargent a charity which supports young people and children with cancer * or *
  • Bollocks to Poverty the youth section of ActionAid
  • Please vote in your PLD groups and ask your tutor to simply click on the link with your group decision.

College of Law (for first years)

  • Event: Explore Law
  • Where: College of Law, London Bloomsbury
  • When: Tue 12th March – 16:00 to 18:45
  • Take part in an interactive law taster workshop
  • Get valuable advice on finding their route into a career in law
  • Put their questions to a panel of practising lawyers and current law students
  • You can find out more and to book a place visit:

Study in the US

  • Undergraduate Study in the US Seminar
  • Date: 19 March 2013 / Time: 4:30 - 7 pm
    Location: University of Notre Dame London Centre
  • Cost: £10 per person
  • Learn about the admissions process from experts in the field! This seminar offers an in-depth view of the undergraduate admissions process, providing a step-by-step guide to the application process, admissions tests, choosing the right institution and funding opportunities.
  • Book places via:-

National Science and Engineering Week

  • 16th-26th March
  • Free activities taking place in Portsmouth to celebrate this year's National Science and Engineering Week.
  • Includes: 'Science busking' in Guildhall Square * Tours * Lectures and workshops for all ages * Stargazing with astrophysicists at Gunwharf Quays * Live debate at the Cafe Scientifique
  • For dates and more details, please visit:,171270,en.html


  • Gay- Straight Alliance
  • Every Friday - Room 67 - 12.40 – 1.30
  • Find support
  • Be Support
  • Be Yourself
  • You don’t have to be gay to come along – you DO have to be anti homophobia and discrimination!

Summer Work

  • Summer work in the UK
  • 2-6 weeks
  • Working with children in a residential environment
  • For more info see

The Alternative

  • The Alternative is starting a weekly TV review section.
  • We are looking for people who regularly watch a series (drama, comedy or documentary strand) and would be willing to write short weekly opinion pieces.
  • If you are interested email Robert Eyers on

Sexual Health Clinic

  • Free & confidential service
  • Contraception including the Pill, Patch, Injection, Emergency Contraception, Pregnancy testing, Chlamydia Screening and Condoms
  • Also advice on Coil and Implant and any other issues
  • Every Friday from 12.15pm to 2.00pm
  • Rooms 504 – 505 in the Student Hub – please use the Austen end entrance (orange door).