College Notices: w/c 7th October 2013

by Kim Small.  

All Students

Join the Alton College Rocket Scientists 2014

  • Knowledge is all about asking questions.
  • Questions asked in previous years
  • ‘What is happening to the crab nebula?’
  • ‘Is climate change man made?’.
  • Anyone can be a Rocket Scientist – you just need to be curious
  • If you are interested in researching something outside your normal syllabus or maybe being involved in a current research project please look out for the posters and contact: Your resident scientist Dr. Penny Marriott via the college e-mail and come and have a chat. ( )


  • Come and join the Amnesty Team in the refectory on Friday 11th October
  • Support Protect the Human Week!

Sports Clubs

  • Every Tuesday & Thursday
  • 12.45-1.45pm
  • All abilities welcome!
  • Please wear sporting gear ie: trainers and shorts/gym gear
  • Basketball * Frisby * Freeplay * Table tennis * Badminton * Wheelchair basketball * Netball

Debating Society

  • Debating Society is now on a Friday every week 12.40 to 1.40.
  • Room 113
  • If you had not registered before because of timings please feel free to come along

Sexual Health Clinic

  • Free & confidential service
  • Contraception – Pill & Condoms & Emergency contraception (morning after pill)
  • Advice about other contraception methods
  • Pregnancy testing
  • Chlamydia Screening
  • Every Friday from 12.15pm to 2.00pm
  • Rooms 504–505 Student Hub – please use the Austen end entrance (orange door).

Workshop Conferences

  • University of Nottingham are holding its annual conferences in December in the following subjects: * Medicine * Veterinary Medicine * Chemistry * Dentistry * Physiotherapy *
  • Excellent insights in to what these careers are and what studying for them will involve.
  • Places go very quickly - if interested visit for Medicine or for all other subjects

Koosa Kids

  • Interested in helping to run fun activities for children aged 4-13yrs?
  • Job opportunities for holidays, after school and breakfast club teams in Hampshire & Surrey
  • Excellent rates of pay
  • Flexible working hours
  • No prior training or experience is essential
  • Visit


  • Wendy Cole, the new Volunteering Co-ordinator is in the Student Hub between 10.30am – 2pm every Tuesday
  • Many volunteering opportunities available
  • Do you already volunteer? Find out about how to get your volunteering accredited

Student Finance Tour

  • ‘Think you can’t afford University, think again!’
  • Presentation by the Student Finance Tour
  • This Thursday (10th October) @ 1pm
  • Martin Read Hall
  • Presentation aimed at first year students but anyone welcome to attend

First Year Students

Alton College Monitoring and Review Cycle – Sep13 to Jul14


  • The Monitoring and Review Cycle is the framework that helps us work with you to ensure you reach your potential.
  • The next few slides outline the process, more detail will be given at each stage during the year….

The Cycle: 1

  • 30/09 – 04/10: Insight Update Period
  • Your teachers will have updated your Insight page with a grade for Commitment and a grade for Attainment against target
  • 1 – no concerns
  • 2 – some improvement needed
  • 3 – high level concerns
  • If you have anything other than 1s you must work with your Tutor on Actions to improve.

The Cycle: 2

  • 21/10 – 01/11: Student Reflection Period
  • During this time you assess how you are doing on each of your current courses/units and what more you need to do.
  • You will have specific questions to answer for your subjects, and support from your teachers to help you do this effectively.
  • The emphasis is on TARGET GRADES

The Cycle: 3

  • November Reviews
  • During November you will have a 121 with a teacher from each subject/unit
  • Your Reflections will be discussed and a summary agreed and recorded on Insight
  • Actions are an important part of the November Reviews

The Cycle: 4

  • 5th / 10th December Parents’ Evenings
  • Your parents will have read your Reviews on Insight
  • They may choose the teachers that they wish to see
  • Booking is through an on-line system
  • Teachers may contact home to request appointments

The Cycle: Summary

  • The Monitoring and Review Cycle is all about YOU and helping you to achieve your potential
  • You should review your progress and set actions throughout the year; your Tutor will work with you on this
  • The 2nd Cycle starts with the Insight Update Period 7 – 15 February, following the January Assessment Period
  • All dates are in your College Diary, and notices will remind you throughout the year

Second Year Students

Winchester University – Compact Scheme

  • The University of Winchester offers a ‘Compact Agreement’ for some Alton College students. As a compact applicant you are guaranteed an offer of a place or for courses that require an interview, students will be guaranteed an interview.
  • There are two requirements which must be fulfilled in order to apply for the compact scheme:
  • Meet the specific course entry requirements
  • Meet one from a list of special circumstances such as ‘being the first member of the family to study at university’ or ‘being in receipt of the College bursary’, etc
  • Why not come along to the Martin Read Hall at 1pm on Tuesday 8th October to find out more about the scheme. A representative from the University of Winchester will be here to talk about the requirements and answer your questions.

UCAS Clinics – Places available

  • Slots available at UCAS clinics up to Half Term
  • Please don’t leave it until the College deadlines to visit a UCAS clinic
  • If you aren’t ready to complete the whole application, come along and get some or all of the following sections completed and signed off:
  • * Personal Details * Additional Information
  • * Student Finance * Education * Employment
  • Slots also available for Personal Statement checks
  • Please sign up at the Student Hub.

UCAS Applications

  • Please follow the instructions on the UCAS checklist (located in the centre of the yellow booklet)
  • Deadlines:
  • Friday 25th Oct: Advisory College deadline
  • Monday 25th Nov: FINAL College deadline
  • When you submit a completed application & UCAS checklist, the College has up to 15 term days to process your application/reference and send it off to UCAS.
  • Completing your application online does not submit your application. YOU MUST visit a UCAS clinic with a completed UCAS checklist to finalise your application.