University Tuition Fees

For those students planning to go to university in 2017 (but not applying for deferred entry)

  • Tuition Fee Loan - Universities and colleges can charge up to £9,250 a year for full-time courses. Most students won't have to pay for tuition fees up front. Every eligible new student is entitled to a Tuition Fee Loan of up to £9,250 to cover their fees or up to £6,165 if they're studying an approved course at a private university or college. This doesn't have to be paid back until their income is over £21,000 a year.
  • Universities set their own fees up to £9,250 and the Tuition Fee Loans match the fee charged.
  • Maintenance loans will be a maximum of £11,002 max for studying in London, £8,430 if studying ‘elsewhere’ and £7,097 if living at home.
  • The threshold at which students start to repay the loan will be £21,000 – students will pay 9% of any earnings over £21,000


Presentation on Funding University

Further information on the financial aspects of going to university can be found on the presentation below.



Student Finance 2017-18 for schools and colleges - pdf.pdf192.2 KB
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