Progressing & re-sits

Students can only progress to the second year of a two year course or to a course at a higher level if they have achieved the appropriate grades and their attendance, behaviour and attitude to study are satisfactory. The principle objective of the Progression and Re-sit Policy is to ensure that students are enrolled on an appropriate programme of study in which they are able to succeed.

The objective of the College’s Progression and Re-sit Policy is to ensure that students can achieve the highest grades of which they are capable balanced across their entire programme of study. The Policy also recognises that there are risks attached with re-sitting too many exams, that this can be disruptive to lessons, affecting learning in other subjects and that students can put themselves under counterproductive pressure and stress.

Please note that it is not normally possible to resit:

  • Coursework units
  • Units for which coursework is a component
  • Practical examinations (e.g. in science, languages, art)

If you wish to enquire whether it is possible to resit one of these you should apply in writing to your Director of Learning.