Absence and Holidays

If your son or daughter is absent from College, we would be grateful if you could notify the College as follows:

  • If you know in advance about an absence you must inform the College before the day of the absence either in writing or by telephoning the absence line (01420 592214 – a 24 hour voicemail service).
  • If you do not know about the absence in advance, e.g. sickness, problems with bus or train transport that are confirmed by the transport operator and where there is no alternative means of transport available, you must inform the College on each day of the absence by telephoning the absence line before the end of the College day and preferably before 11am.
  • If your son or daughter is unwell during the College day and needs to go home, they must sign out at the Student Hub before they leave College and you must confirm the absence was due to illness by the end of the next College day, either in writing or by telephoning the absence line.

Holidays and Exceptional Leave of Absence

The College has a clear policy not to authorise any absences from College during term-time, unless there are very exceptional circumstances. Please do not book family holidays during term time or allow your son / daughter to take time off for leisure purposes. Only in the most exceptional circumstances will the Principal agree to absence in term time. For example, to compete in external competitions; to participate in work experience; to attend the wedding of a family member; to attend the graduation of a sibling. The student must not miss essential work or assessments and the student must also have agreed realistic plans with staff to catch up on work missed.

The reason for this policy is that students’ performance in their studies suffers from not being in classes. Full attendance is firmly linked to a student achieving their potential in their course(s).

If you need to request exceptional leave of absense during term time, please complete the Exceptional Absence Request Form.