Behaviour Policies

Anti-Bullying Policy

We are committed to ensuring that every student feels safe and cared for within the College environment. We have a policy on anti-bullying which is available to view under Key Student Policies. The College will take action in all cases of bullying on its premises, on journeys to and from College, on a College visit / activity or off-site during the College day. Parents should report any incident to any member of staff trusted by the victim or witness. Serious or violent incidents should be reported immediately to the Senior Vice Principal (CQSS).

Commitment and Misconduct Policy

The College has a Commitment and Misconduct Policy, available to view under Key Student Policies. Misconduct, as defined by the Policy, and/or failure to observe the Rules (see under “Rules”) will result in one of the following penalties:

  • verbal warning
  • written warning
  • disqualification on a permanent or temporary basis from use of a particular facility within the College
  • final warning
  • exclusion from the College
  • suspension from the College
  • recommendation for expulsion
  • expulsion from the College

Substance Misuse Policy

The College has a Substance Misuse Policy, available to view under Key Student Policies. The College has a legal and a moral duty of care where illegal substances and alcohol are concerned. If you are seriously worried about your son or daughter misusing substances you can get help from Helpline agencies, your GP and the College. If you seek help from the College, contact numbers and support will be offered, please contact our Welfare Manager if you have concerns.

Zero Tolerance

Any student found using / in possession of any drug, alcohol or related paraphernalia will be suspended and recommended for expulsion. Parents will be notified immediately and asked to remove their son / daughter from the premises if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. The College may also contact the Police, especially if students are found passing on or dealing in drugs.


We will provide support for students if they approach us for help about the effects of drug or alcohol use. Students seeking help from the College will not be subject to the Substance Misuse Policy unless they are found using / in possession of any drug, alcohol or related paraphernalia.