Study and part-time work

Private Study Time

There will be a certain amount of time in your timetable when you aren't in lessons. This time should be used for quiet or independent study. There are lots of private study areas around campus, including the Learning Resources Centre which has a supervised area with lots of computers and a copier for your use. 

There are computers all round College in study areas where you can log in and use the IT facilities and resources to get some work done and other areas where you can work and chat.

There are usually more study periods in the second year which will help you learn how to work more independently which is good preparation before you go on to the workplace or university


Part Time Work

We appreciate that many 16-19 year olds want to earn money to increase their independence. However, national research suggests that the progress of students who have a part-time job for more than 8 hours a week could suffer dramatically and by as much as one grade less in their examinations. Please monitor the amount of paid work your son/daughter is undertaking