Your son or daughter's wellbeing at College

Students who face difficulties that they cannot easily resolve themselves will find that the College staff are always willing to listen and try to help them. If you feel there is a particular problem that you would like us to help you resolve, your son or daughter's Personal Tutor is the first contact.

The College employs trained and experienced counsellors who are used to listening about all kinds of issues and who are available to all students. We also work closely with external agencies where more tailored support is required.

The College actively promotes health and wellbeing amongst students through the Personal Learning and Development (PLD), Enrichment and other course programmes. We take matters of health and safety very seriously and each member of the College community has an individual responsibility in this area.

There are trained first-aiders on site at all times and access to a medical room. Please ensure that your son or daughter is registered with a doctor. The College actively discourages smoking for obvious health reasons and it is prohibited on site except within the two designated areas.