Privacy and Cookies

Privacy and Data Protection

When you use the services on our website we will often collect personal information from you in order to effectively provide that service. 

At Alton College we take our responsibilities in regards to this personal information very seriously. We try and make every effort to adhere to both law and good practice in regards to storing, securing, using, sharing and allowing you control of your information.

Storage of all personal information is done in a secure manner.

Personal information will only be accessed and used by the appropriate college staff, and only in the context in which it was originally provided.

We may share some information with partners, government, and governing bodies, but only in order to adhere to our obligations as an education institution, or to provide you with the service you have requested. No third party will be given personal information for any other purpose.


Cookies are small files which are sometimes placed onto your computer by websites and webservices in order to store a small amount of information for use by that website or webservice at a later time. Doing this allows for better functionality and user experience to be provided by that website or webservice.

We use cookies in several of our services for this reason.

They pose no risk to your computer's security, and will only be used by the Alton College website and it's webservices in line with our privacy policy.

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You can turn off cookies in your browser if you do not wish cookies to be placed onto your computer. Consult your browser's documentation or read the following for further information on controlling cookies:

By continuing to use this website and the webservices it offers you agree to cookies being placed on your machine and used for the provision of the services we offer.