Jazz Band 2007 - 2008

"I am very excited about jazz at Alton College this year. We have three great bands - the Big Band who have got through more tunes in the Autumn term than some bands in the past have managed in a year; the ACJB which has just got under it's belt Phil Singleton's monster arrangement of Birdland - linked to 74 Miles Away - we had a bit of a Zawinul homage year, and The Jazz Factory - the jazz course band which is run by the excellent Mick Foster, who worked with some great players and producing great results. After some fantastic summer pub gigs, the real highlight of the year was taking all three bands to The Swanage Jazz Festival"

Martin Read (Head of Music)

"This year has been so much fun! The jazz, the gigs, the pubs - what more could you ask for?"

Sam Noakes (Alto and Tenor Sax)

"It was so good I'm hanging around for another year!"

Chris Pelly-meister (Trumpet and Voice)