Current Work

"Composing is not a special branch of knowledge to be taught to the gifted or those interested enough, it is the logical outgrowth of a healthy and stable system of education."

A/AS Music

In A/AS Music, composition is taught through analysis and imitation. AS topics include minimalism and blues.


A/AS Music Technology

In the first year of Music Technology, no actual composing is undertaken, however the skill of arranging is learned. In the second year, students further develop techniques in arranging and also in transcription (sequenced backings) and also undertake work in perhaps the most exciting part of the course, composing using technology.

Sequencing, recording and producing:

Composing using technology:

College Ensembles

Hindemith's credo is one of the central pillars of the Music Department, upheld by staff who make arrangements, transcriptions and write original compositions for many of the College ensembles, as well as for professional performers.