Choosing the Right Course

Before you apply to study here, come to an Open Day: experience the unique Alton College atmosphere, speak to our friendly experienced staff and find out what it’s really like to study here from our amazing students. Keep up-to-date at and follow us on social media.

We also attend many of your schools’ events. You will discuss course ideas and preferences during your College Guidance interview. Final decisions will be made when you enroll after you’ve received your exam results.

In 2017 the grading for English and Maths changed from A*-G to 9-1. By 2019, all other subjects will have moved to numeric grading.

The following table outlines the type of study programmes we offer*: 

GCSE exam results+

Suggested Study Programmes++

 Mainly A*–A / 9-7 grade profile

 Aspire Programme 3 or 4 A levels
 Full BTEC / Cambridge Technical

 A-C / 7-4 grade profile

 3 A levels
 Full BTEC / Cambridge Technical
 Mixed A level and BTEC / Cambridge Technical

 Mainly D / 3 grade profile

 Level 2 BTEC / Cambridge Technical Programme
 Mainly D-G / 3-1 grade profile
 or other achievements
 Foundation Learning Programme

 No formal qualifications

 Foundation Learning Programme

*All other qualifications are taken into account when agreeing your study programme.
+For GCSE Maths and English, where a new grading system has been introduced, a Grade 4 is equivalent to a Grade C.
++Some subjects have specific entry requirements relating to Maths and English.




 BTEC Extended Diploma and
 Cambridge Technical Extended Diploma

 3 A Levels

 BTEC Subsidiary Diploma and
 Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma

 1 A level

 BTEC Level 2 Diploma and
 Cambridge Level 2 Technical Diploma

 4 GCSEs