Want to broaden your horizons?

Trips and tours are fun and can help you in your studies, while travel abroad can be a real eye-opener. Maybe you'll learn something new from seeing another lifestyle, brush up on your language skills or have one of those light-bulb moments...

What trips and travel can I try?

Our students travel far and wide as part of their courses, and our trips vary from year to year. Just to give you an idea, our UK trips have included visits to:

And here are some of the places we've been to abroad:

  • China (Photography)
  • St Petersburg (Art)
  • South Africa (Geography)
  • First World War battlefields (English)
  • Austria - skiing (Open to all students)
  • Paris - a cultural tour (Open to all students)
  • Cuba - for a marine biology experience
  • Spain (Spanish)
  • as well as Madagascar, Nepal, Peru, Tanzania, Bolivia, Central America, India and the Himalayas

If you've got a question or suggestion about our trips and travel, please get in touch.