Physical Education

A / AS Level
2 years

What is AS/A Level Physical Education?

This course enables you to investigate Sport and Physical Education, developing your knowledge and understanding of the factors that enable physical activity. If you have a real interest in not only the practical aspect but also in how we learn skills, how the body functions when in action and the factors that influence participation, then you will find the subject enjoyable and challenging.

Is Physical Education suitable for me?

Students enjoy looking at a wide range of aspects associated with Sport and Physical Education with a practical application of what they learn in the classroom. The mix of practical and theory adds variety and interest to the course.

The biological aspect of the three theoretical areas is very demanding and organisation is important in keeping the notes for each area in the correct place in your file.

How will I learn?

Lessons will involve a range of teaching styles which include class-based discussion, group, paired and individual work developing the knowledge and experience you already have. A variety of resources will be used: course textbooks, study packs and with internet access to research topical issues, the opportunity to become well-informed is limitless! The virtual learning environment gives access both at College and at home to lesson notes, worksheets and past examination papers. Some lessons will involve both the classroom and Sports Hall to enable you to gain theoretical knowledge through practical experience.

You will be expected to do 4 to 5 hours per week of private study for this A Level - making notes, completing tasks set, revising for tests and reviewing practical performance to develop your evaluative skills.

In the practical coursework, you will experience a range of activities with continuous assessment and, where possible, we will aim to assess you on your own individual strengths. You may also choose to lead/coach activities or officiate, keeping a log book to record your experiences. You will analyse live performances and give detailed evaluative responses together with an action plan to improve performance.

How will I be assessed?

Coursework: Year 1 – 40%; Year 2 – 30%

AS Level

Unit G451 (60% of AS Level): 2 hour written paper on Anatomy and Physiology, Skill Acquisition and Socio-cultural Studies in PE. Structured questions and short essays.

Unit G452 (40% of AS Level): practical coursework assessing performance, coaching/leading and/or officiating skills in 2 activities and an oral assessment based on the observation of another performer.

A2 Level

Unit G453 (35% of A Level): 2.5 hour written paper on Sports Psychology , Exercise Physiology and Historical Studies. Structured questions and essays.

Unit G454 (15% of A Level): practical coursework element assessing either performance, coaching or officiating in one chosen activity and an oral evaluation applying theory to recommend a strategy to improve performance.


A range of activities are offered for assessment and the most popular ones are: athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, netball, tennis, rugby, swimming and volleyball.

If you have expertise in another area please discuss this with the subject teachers.


Students hoping to progress to a sport related degree will find this subject particularly useful. It would also be a valuable qualification for those wishing to go directly into employment in the sport and leisure industry. Equally, any A Level student with a keen interest in sport could take PE.

Career options include the Armed Forces, coaching, fitness training, osteopathy, PE teaching, physiotherapy, recreation management, sport development officer, sport product design, sports therapy, travel agency specialising in sport, sports media /journalism /photography.

Entry requirements

Students studying a 3 or 4 AS level programme should normally have achieved an average GCSE point score of 5.5 or above and at least a grade C in Maths and/or English (unless specified otherwise). Students with a point score between 4.5 – 5.5 will normally take a mixture of Subsidiary Diplomas and AS levels. You can check your likely GCSE point score by going to 'Choosing the Right Course' on the website and entering your predicted grades.

In addition to the standard course entry requirements, to be successful in PE you should have at least grade C in a sciences GCSE. A GCSE in PE is not essential for taking this A Level.

Students wishing to be assessed in a team sport would be expected to train with the College’s teams.

Course costs

You will be expected to pay £12.50 for course materials at enrolment.

Essential: £30 for textbooks
Optional:   £35 for External Revision Day and accompanying guide.

If the costs of equipment, materials and trips may cause you financial hardship, you may wish to read through details of our financial support scheme on our website.

Course Code