A Level

Exam Board: AQA

2 years


Course Content:

You will study a range of units including:

  • Managers, leaders and decision-making: What makes a great leader? Who are the most powerful stakeholders of a business?
  • Improving marketing performance: What is the best way to target customers to buy a product? Where is the growth potential in existing markets?
  • Improving financial performance: What is the difference between cash flow and profit? What is the best source of finance to use for expansion?
  • Improving human resource performance: What makes a meaningful job? Is money the only motivator?
  • Choosing strategic direction: What makes a business better than another? What markets are best to compete in?
  • How to pursue strategies: Which country is the best to enter in to? How has e-commerce changed the way we shop forever?
  • Managing strategic change: Are employees just in it for themselves? Can a business recover from a public scandal? 


100% exams.

Three exams taken in your final year comprising of multiple choice questions, short answer questions and unseen case studies with emphasis on essay-style questions to develop strong analytical and evaluative skills.

Studying at Alton College:

If you are interested in the business news headlines, or in how businesses are created and grow, about how they are managed and the skills required in the management process, you should find the subject interesting and stimulating. You may find you are able to draw upon any work experience you have done.

Entry requirements:

Students should normally have achieved at least five GCSEs at grade 9-4. For GCSEs which remain with the old grading system, a Grade 4 is equivalent to a Grade C. It is not necessary to have studied Business at GCSE to take A level.

Course costs:

Purchase of core textbooks. £50 over two years

Purchase of printed lesson resource packs. £50 over two years

Business works well with:


What our students say

"Lessons are always far from boring. The teachers are always extremely willing to help as much as they can and I love learning the subject."

Katie Stokes, previously at Eggar's School

"This course gives a good insight into the business world by in-depth discussion and team work."

Jamie Kirkwood, previously at Eggar's School

"The great thing about Business is that we are able to apply everything we learn to real-life. Looking at so many case studies helps to better understand what we're learning."

Sarah Williamson, previously at Amery Hill School