Further Mathematics

A Level

Exam Board: Pearson

2 years

Course Content:

Doing Further Mathematics A-Level at Alton College you will study:

Pure Maths:

  • Discover new concepts such as complex numbers (how do you solve x^2+4=0?) and matrices (used in computer animation). Together these ideas can be used to make fractals, like this one.
  • Use calculus to model the populations of snowshoe hares and Canadian lynxes with differential equations.  And also use calculus to prove that the volume of a sphere really is   4/3 πr^3.
  • Vector equations of lines and planes; and hyperbolic functions (what does the hyp button on your calculator do?)


  • Momentum (used in collisions), Hooke’s Law (for springs), and Work, Energy & Power (how fast can a car drive up a hill?).


  • Poisson distribution, used in modelling radioactive particles.
  • Chi-squared tests to decide if a die is biased, or if there’s a link between gender and the chances of passing your driving test.

And much more besides!


100% exams; consisting of 3 or 4 papers lasting 6 hours in total.

Studying at Alton College:

Lessons activities are wide ranging, from classroom discussions on how best to mathematically model a situation, to practising problem solving questions in pairs.  Graphic calculators and online apps will be used to introduce and explore concepts.  Students will also participate in the Senior Maths Challenge and can help out at Maths competitions for feeder schools we organise every year.  Our best students will be part of the Senior Team Maths Challenge – which we hope to win again.  Students can also get support for STEP & MAT university entrance exams needed for Cambridge & Oxford.

Entry requirements:

At least Grade 7, preferably 8, in GCSE Maths. And you need to love Mathematics lots!

Course costs:

Textbooks: £80 for the two years.
Student Course Materials: £5 each year.
New calculator: £23 - £87, depending on the scientific/graphical model.

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