A Level

Exam Board: Pearson

2 years


Course Content:

Doing Mathematics A Level at Alton College you will study:

2/3rds Pure Maths:

Extend your skills in algebra, trigonometry and co-ordinate geometry from GCSE.  Plus new topics such as:

  • Calculus: What is the most efficient size for a baked bean tin to minimise the metal used? How fast do sky divers reach? 
  • Sequences & Series: If you invest £1000 every year into a bank account with 3% interest, how long is it till you save £20,000?
  • Exponentials: What will the world’s population be in 2050?  How hot will a cup of tea be 10 minutes after making it?

1/6th Mechanics:

  • Newton’s Laws of Motion are used to model cars pulling trailers up hills, friction, projectiles and see-saws.

1/6th Statistics:

  • Sampling, data presentation and interpretation from Large Data Sets; probability; and statistical hypothesis testing.  Can you tell if a new drug is working after trialling it on patients?


100% exams; consisting of 3 exam papers, each 2 hours long.

Studying at Alton College:

Lessons activities are wide ranging, from classroom discussions on how best to mathematically model a situation, to practising problem solving questions in pairs.  Information Technology, such as spreadsheets, graphic calculators and online apps will be used to introduce and explore concepts.  Students will also participate in the Senior Maths Challenge and can help out at Maths competitions for feeder schools we organise every year.

Entry requirements:

Students should normally have achieved at least five GCSEs at grade 9-4. 

For A Level Maths you must have at least a Grade 6 (preferably a 7 or above) in GCSE Maths.  In addition, you need to enjoy Maths – especially algebra!  

If you are expecting a grade 7 or above, you could consider taking A Level Maths and Further Maths - please see the separate subject leaflet to find out more.

Course costs:

Textbooks: £60 over two years.
Student Course Materials: £8.50 each year.
New calculator: £20 - £60, depending on the scientific/graphical model.

Mathematics works well with:

Further Maths
And (almost) all other subjects!