Physical Education

A Level

Exam Board: OCR

2 years


Course Content:

  • How the body responds to sport and physical exercise with regards to the different systems of the body, such as e.g Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Musculoskeletal
  • Analysis of Movement using biomechanics theories and principles such as planes of motion, Newton’s Laws and lever systems
  • Current training techniques and learn how technology is playing its part with regards to analysing and improving performance
  • Psychology of Sport and performance and research different theories such Vealeys’ model of sports confidence and Weiner’s model of attribution
  • The emergence and evolution of modern sport and understand how sport developed from pre-industrial Britain to a multi-million pound industry


  • 70% Theory

- Physiological Factors - 2 hour paper (30%)

- Psychological Factors - 1 hour paper (20%)

- Socio-Cultural & Contemporary Issues - 1 hour paper (20%)

  • 30% 

- Evaluation of Analysis of Performance for Improvement    (EAPI) and Practical or Coaching Performance 

Studying at Alton College:

Lessons are a combination of theory and practical with the main emphasis on classroom-based learning. Students are expected to play sport competitively and be prepared to have an active role in all lessons. Suitable trips will be planned throughout the year.

Entry requirements:

Students should normally have achieved at least five GCSEs at grade 9-4. 

In addition, you should have at least grade 5 in a science GCSE.

Course costs:

Optional trips from £20 each

Physical Education works well with:


Alton College/Chelsea Football Club Academy 

What our students say

"The course is very interactive and includes a wide range of interesting topics."

Sam Juncker, previously at Amery Hill School

"I enjoy the psychological aspects of the course as it gives you an insight into the performer's mentality as well as their physical abilities."

Hannah Arbury, previously at Amery Hill School