A Level

Exam Board: Eduqas

2 years


Course Content:

  • Culture; you will discover how we learn how to behave in society and what can happen if this process doesn’t occur, through studying case studies of feral children.
  • Families and Households; you will analyse how families and relationships have changed since the 1950s, the dark side of family life and how social media impacts children.
  • Education; you will explore why we have an education system and how your social class, gender and ethnicity can all affect your achievement at school.
  • Research Methods; you will find out how sociologists study society, such as through questionnaires, and you will have the opportunity to design and conduct your own research.
  • Crime and Deviance; you will explore the relationship between social class, gender, ethnicity and crime and how the media affects our perception of crime.
  • Social Inequality; you will consider the extent to which inequality exists in society including social class, gender, ethnic and age inequalities. 


100% examination.

3 exam papers.

Studying at Alton College:

Sociology is the study of society and human behaviour and this course at Alton College seeks to build upon your existing knowledge of what is happening in the world today. Lessons are varied including; mini-lectures, discussion, debate and creative and IT based research. We also organise sociological conference trips and hold an in-house conference on ‘Life Behind Bars’. 

Entry requirements:

Students should normally have achieved at least five GCSEs at grade 9-4. For GCSEs which remain with the old grading system, a Grade 4 is equivalent to a Grade C.

A grade 5 in English is recommended. 

Course costs:

Essential textbooks: £40 over two years

Optional printed booklets: £40 over two years

Optional trips: From £20 each

Sociology works well with:

Government and Politics
Environmental Sustainability

What our students say

"I love Sociology as it has given me a wider knowledge of society and it has enabled me to contemplate different views on different classes, ethnicity and gender differences."

Sophie Alford, previously at All Hallows Catholic School