Maths Functional Skills

Functional Skills
1 and 2

Exam Board: OCR

1 year


How will I be assessed?

100% exam, consisting of one exam paper of length 1½ hours.  You will do Level 1 and potentially Level 2 also if you progress well.

What is Maths Functional Skills?

Doing Functional Skills Maths at Alton College you will study:

Percentages, ratio and proportion, decimals and fractions, all in the context of real-life situations, such as bank accounts and scale diagrams.

Calculating perimeter, area and volume and converting between different measures.

Collecting, analysing and presenting data; and using probability calculations to predict an outcome.


How will I learn?

Lessons activities are wide ranging, from classroom discussions on which savings account you should put your money in, to practising problem solving questions.  You’ll use PCs to practice your skills, various structured games and puzzles to explore problems in pairs and Kahoot quizzes on your smart phones to try to beat the rest of the class.

The Student Course Materials, which every student should purchase, has workbooks and Maths equipment stored in a pack which can be kept in the classroom.

Entry requirements

Grade G or 1 in GCSE Maths;
Grade G in Certificate in Use of Maths; or
a pass in Maths Functional Skills Entry Level 3

Course costs

Student Course Materials, including two workbooks, IT resources, ruler, protractor, pen, pencil, rubber, highlighter pen & notebook: ≈ £12.50

You must also have a scientific calculator with natural display, such as the Casio FX-83GT+ or FX-85GT+.

Mathematics works well with:

Business & IT
Media & Art
Public Services
Children’s PL&D
Health & Social Care
Vocational Studies
Towards Independence
And (almost) all other subjects!


If you pass Level 2 Functional Skills Maths you will be able to do GCSE Maths the following year.