GCSE English Language


Exam Board: Edexcel

1 year

Course Content:

  • In lessons, you will read and discuss media, non-fiction and literary texts. You will develop your skills of comprehension, analysis and comparison.
  • You will produce pieces of creative writing such as descriptions and stories.
  • You will also practise practical writing tasks in various forms such as essays, articles, letters and reports.
  • You will be encouraged to identify any errors in your technique and helped to correct them. 
  • There will be many opportunities to develop oral skills in a variety of class situations, including plenty of discussion work in small or larger groups. 
  • Overall, the lessons will prepare you for the two examinations in the summer and you will also receive an additional qualification in spoken language. 
  • Everything you learn will not only prepare you for getting the qualification but also be transferable – you will be learning life-long skills for use in the real world. 


The qualification has two exams which will be in June each year. 

In addition, there is a “spoken language” component which is assessed separately and given the markers: pass, merit, distinction. Although this part of the qualification does not count towards your GCSE it does appear on the final certificate and the preparation for it will be a useful life skill. 

There will be timed assessments and mock examinations throughout the year, mostly carried out in class time. Homework will consist largely of reading a range of texts, both literary and non-literary.

Studying at Alton College:

English Language GCSE is a qualification that proves you have achieved a certain standard in speaking, reading and writing the English language.  

A grade 4 (formerly grade c) or above is required for most advanced or higher level courses in all subjects and many jobs. 

Entry requirements:

To qualify for this course, you will normally have achieved a grade 3 in English GCSE.

Course Costs: 

Printing costs £5 per year