GCSE Mathematics

1 year
Curriculum Manager: 
Dr David Lynch

What is GCSE Mathematics?

The course is run primarily as a re-sit of the course you followed at school.  Gaining a grade 4 (equivalent to the old grade C) or above has proved beneficial to many students enabling them to progress on to more advanced courses here, and gaining the entry requirements for many college and university courses.  It is also a requirement for many jobs and careers.  

New governmental rules say that students without a grade 4 in GCSE Maths must be working towards getting it.  The focus of the teaching on the course will be at Foundation tier in order to aim for a grade 4, with the potential of getting a grade 5 - equivalent to a high C Grade in the old GCSE.  

Is GCSE Mathematics suitable for me?

Past students have found the course very rewarding but sometimes difficult. Different students enjoy varying parts of the course. The greatest pleasure comes from gaining in confidence and realising you can do Maths!

How will I learn?

Each week you will be taught in a classroom environment which will include time spent on working on exercises or past examination papers and solving real-life problems, in a pleasant and supportive atmosphere. Some lessons will be in a room with IT facilities.

How will I be assessed?

You will take 3 external exams, two calculator and one non-calculator, all at Foundation level.  There will also be formal internal assessments at regular intervals, including mock exams, so that you can monitor your own progress.


With a grade 4 Stuart gained entry onto his preferred music course at university and Helen met the entry requirements for the Engineering BTEC level 3 Extended Diploma course she wanted to take after the Level 2 Diploma.  With a grade 5, students will find it easier to get to university to study a degree with a higher level of Mathematics content, such as Chemistry.  Indeed, the grade 5 will be a minimum requirement for many courses.

Entry requirements

Any student with a grade 2 or 3 in GCSE Maths, an A*- E grade in Certificate in Use of Maths, or a pass in Functional Skills Maths Level 1 or 2 can take this course.

Course costs

All students will be expected to provide their own stationery and geometry set, including a ruler, protractor, compass, pencil and rubber. All students must have a scientific calculator with natural display, such as the Casio FX-83GT+ or Casio FX-85GT+ (both around £10). It is also essential that students buy a Maths Revision Guide, two Revision Workbooks and an exercise book for writing your notes in; these can be purchased at a discounted price of approximately £10 via the College’s Online Store. The cost for these Student Course Materials also covers numerous hand-outs, worksheets and ICT resources.

If the costs of equipment, materials and trips may cause you financial hardship, you may wish to read through details of our financial support scheme on our website.

Course code

AQA 8300