Level 2 Cambridge Technical Diploma in IT

Level 2 Cambridge Technical Diploma

Exam Board: 


1 year

Course Content:

At Alton College on the CTEC Level 2 Technical Diploma in IT you will study:

  • Communication and Employability Skills
  • Doing Business Online
  • Computer Animation
  • Computer Systems
  • Digital Graphics
  • Multimedia Design

Information Technology is about using computers to complete tasks found in the workplace.  The 21st Century is continuing the IT revolution that has changed the way we carry out business, communicate, spend our leisure time and learn. Many jobs today cannot be carried out effectively without the use of a computer.

Can you name a business or company that doesn’t use a computer in some way for its everyday functions and activities?

If you are interested in a career in IT or a related field, then this one-year course will give you a good understanding across a broad range of IT topics.


100% Coursework

Studying at Alton College:

Lessons will take place in our specialist IT centre and will comprise a mix of theoretical and practical sessions.  A selection of assignments and homework tasks will be set to cover the unit content.  The assignments may be practical, research based or theoretical.

Entry requirements:

Students should normally have achieved a Grade 3 profile at GCSE, including a 3 or higher in either Maths or English.  For GCSEs which remain with the old grading system, a Grade 3 is equivalent to a Grade D.

To study this course, you should have an interest in technical subjects.

Course costs:

All students will be expected to provide their own stationary and calculators (where appropriate).


Cambridge Technical Level 2 Diploma in IT may allow for progression to the following:

CTEC Level 2 Diploma in IT may allow for progression onto a Level 3 course or employment in areas such as:


Business IT


IT Support