Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in Business

Level 3 Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma
2 years
Curriculum Manager: 
Jocelyn Chapman

What is the Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in Business?

A Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma is a 2-year vocational course that would normally be studied alongside a range of traditional A level programs, BTEC Subsidiary Diplomas and Cambridge Technical Introductory Diplomas/Certificates. The full Introductory Diploma is equivalent to one A Level, and carries a maximum of 56 UCAS points.

In Business, you will study six units over two years covering a range of topics. These will be:

  • The Business Environment
  • Business Resources
  • Creative Product Promotion
  • Business Accounting*
  • Business and the Economic Environment*
  • Introduction to marketing*

May be subject to change*

Is the Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in Business suitable for me?

The Introductory Diploma is suitable for anyone who wants to learn about the world of business, or is perhaps considering setting up a business themselves in the future.

How will I learn?

You will learn through practical assignments which will be set to cover the units. You will learn about the Business Environment, Business Resources and Promotion in a range of businesses. You will develop skills of researching, role playing, and working in teams as you work on your assignments. The deadlines for the assignments will be planned over the year and it is important to adhere to the hand in dates, so good time management skills are essential.

How will I be assessed?

The Cambridge Technical  Introductory Diploma is 100% coursework assessed and may include portfolio work - there are no exams. Projects are submitted for marking on a regular basis throughout the course. They are assessed internally by your teachers and then moderated by the board. Work is graded and written feedback provided enabling students to gauge how well they are doing on the course. Feedback will help you to see the strengths of your work, as well as allowing you to reflect on areas which can be developed further.

Your work will be graded pass, merit or distinction. The Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma is equivalent to one A Level and carries a maximum of 56 UCAS points.

We are aware that OCR is currently evaluating the assessment process and there may be the introduction of an examined unit. Further information is unavailable at the current time.


Students who have followed this course have gone on to a wide range of courses and careers. These include sports science, law, business and journalism.

Students can study the Cambridge Technical Introductory Diploma in Business alongside A levels and other Cambridge Technical Introductory Diplomas. This provides the opportunity to apply for higher education courses, for example, Undergraduate Degrees, level 4 courses and apprenticeships.

Entry requirements

Students should normally have achieved an A*- C grade profile at GCSE. For GCSE English and Maths where a new grading system has been introduced a Grade 4 is equivalent to a Grade C. Alternatively if you have studied at level 2 you should have achieved a merit or above. Vocational courses are an ideal qualification for students who prefer coursework. To study this course you should have an interest in the business world.