Funding and Finance

During the time your son or daughter is at College, there may be some expenditure necessary.

Students are expected to buy the essential text books required for their courses. A list of texts will have been sent to all new students and are posted on the website prior to starting at College.

The College Library and departmental resource areas contain a good range of useful texts that are available for students to use. However, students may be asked to purchase supplementary texts themselves. A student facing financial hardship may apply for support through 'The Alton College Fund' to assist with the cost of text books.

The costs of trips, including field trips regarded as essential to the successful completion of the course, are paid by the student. Again, students in need may apply to 'The Alton College Fund' for support.

Students are expected to purchase stationery and computer disks/storage devices. Where specialist stationery is fundamental to the work of a subject (e.g. Art, Photography, Design Technology), the College will provide a basic supply but the student may need to maintain.

Other funding support is as follows:

Alton College 16-19 Bursary Fund

Applications for the 16-19 Bursary Fund for 2017/18 will open w/c 5th June 2017.

The 16-19 Bursary Fund aims to provide discretionary financial support to help you meet the costs associated with learning.

You will only be entitled to apply for a 16-19 Bursary if on the 31st August 2017 your household income is £22,000 or less and you are: aged 16 years or over and under the age of 19 years; aged 19 or over and have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP); or aged 19 or over and continuing on a study programme you began aged 16 to 18 (19+ continuers).

We will ask you to provide evidence of this, ideally in the form of your Tax Credit Award Notice for the tax year 2017/18.  However, if you are not in receipt of Tax Credits, we can also accept evidence in the form of recent receipt of benefits (dated within the last 3 months) , last P60 or Year End Audited Accounts for self-employment income.

Travel is considered a priority.  We will endeavour to cover the cost of all three terms Stagecoach bus pass and two terms South West Trains pass, however, this is dependent upon the number of applications received. You will be advised at a later date what we will be able to provide.  If you do not the require the bursary for travel then you can apply for financial support towards bursary in-kind payments for educational supplies which can be used to pay for: books from the College booklist for subjects on your programme of study; materials for subjects from the online store; stationery items from the LRC; towards course essential trips; UCAS fees; and print credit.

The bursary payments will be dependent upon you having good standards of attendance, behaviour and atitude to learning and you will be required to sign a Financial Support Agreement.

The 16-19 Bursary application can be downloaded here.  Alternatively, we can post you an application form.  To request an application form either call 01420 592200 or send an email to

Please complete and return the application form together with supporting documentation. 

There is no deadline for application.  Applications will be dealt with as they arrive in the Student Hub and within 20 working days.  An early application is more likely to be successful given the limited availability of Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) 16-19 Bursary Funds for 2017/18. 

16-19 Vulnerable Bursary

You will be eligible for the 16-19 Vulnerable £1,200 Bursary if any of the following apply to you, the student:

• you are in care;
• you are a care leaver;
• you are on Income Support or Universal Credit in place of Income Support in your own right;
• you are in receipt of BOTH Disability Living Allowance (or the new Personal Independence Payments) and Employment Support Allowance (ESA) (or Universal Credit as a replacement for ESA) in your own right.

To request an application form either call 01420 592200 or send to 


Please complete and return the application form together with your supporting evidence.  


If you wish to appeal the outcome decision of your Bursary application, please appeal in writing to the Head of Finance.


Free College Meals


You will only be entitled to apply for Free College Meals if on the 31st August 2017 your household income is £16,190 or less; you are NOT in receipt of Working Tax Credit and you are: aged 16 or over and under the age of 19 years; aged 19 or over and have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP); or aged 19 or over and continuing on a study programme you began aged 16 to 18 (19+ continuers).


The application for Free College Meals is part of the 16-19 Bursary Fund application which is available to download here.  Please complete and return your application form along with your supporting evidence of household income, ideally in the form of your Tax Credit Award Notice for 2017/18, or evidence of benefits dated within the last three months.


Tuition Fees

There are no tuition fees to pay if you are age 16-18 years on 31st August of the year you start your course and if you meet the necessary residential qualifications for the European Economic Area and are taking a course for the first time at the College. If you have not got an EC passport or have not lived in the EC for the past three years please contact us. 

Subsidised Bus Passes and Discounted Train Tickets

Please see the How to Find Us section for information on the bus pass and train ticket schemes offered by the College.  

Help With Your Travel Expenses From Surrey County Council

If you live in the administrative county of Surrey, you may apply online for a Surrey Fare Card which offers discounts on bus and train services to Alton.  Please see the Surrey County Council Student Fare card Scheme for more information.   

Help With Your Travel Expenses From Hampshire County Council

Hampshire County Council assists with travel expenses for post-16 students with special educational needs or students who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).  The support provided requires an annual parental contribution (£555 for 2016/17).  If your child qualifies for free school meals due to low income, the fee may be waived.

Students wishing to apply for help with transport can do so by accessing the Hampshire County Council website for further details, by using the link below:

Hampshire Post 16 Transport.

Care To Learn Scheme and Childcare Facilities

If you're a parent under the age of 20 at the start of our course at College then you may be entitled to apply for a grant to pay for the costs of your childcare of up to £160 per child per week.  You will need to apply online through the Care to Learn scheme. Contact us to make a reservation as early as possible for the child in the Childcare Centre. Places are limited and are dealt with on a first come first served basis. 

Alton College Foundation Scholarships and Foundation Development Fund