What Our Staff Say

Fiona Webb, Curriculum Manager for Humanities and Social Sciences said:

"The adapted timetable has revolutionised teaching and learning. The longer lessons enable teachers and students to work their way through the thinking skills required for successful outcome at A Level: from the basic content recall right up to formulating an argument, reaching an evaluative conclusion. Every lesson, students are able to apply their learning to exam practise, enabling them to self-reflect and receive feedback from their teacher!"

Steph Forward, Teacher of Psychology, has stated that her students have a much better understanding of a topic when they have been able to cover it in one lesson. 

“In a longer lesson we can cover the content of a topic, have plenty of time for discussion and application activities and also look at how to use their knowledge in exam questions.  Students are engaged for the whole lesson as it is split up into many different activities and they really enjoy having plenty of time to think in more depth about a topic and ask more questions.”