Summer Events 2014

Hello and welcome to our summer events page, we've got plenty planned!


Year 9  Gifted & Talented Evening Monday 30 June

If you are in Year 9 and aiming for a top university and would like to meet other likeminded Year 9 students then this evening is tailored to help you and your parents with the choice you will need to make in the future

The evening consists of three creative and critical thinking workshops plus a guest speaker from the University of Oxford.

If you would like to attend and are from one of the schools in the East Hants Gifted & Talented Network* please contact your Gifted & Talented Coordinator. However if you are from another school please contact Diane Lee on 01420 592242 or email who will be able to send you an invitation to the evening.

* Amery Hill School, Eggar's School, Bohunt School, The Petersfield School, Mill Chase School, Robert Mays School, Perins School and Weydon School


Year 10 Taster Day Friday 4 July

Every year we invite Year 10 students to come along and taste College life for a day! Please contact your school for more information on this.


Year 11 WelcomeFest Thursday 10 July

So you've finished exams and school and it's time to relax for summer and look forward to coming to College! If you have applied to study and invest in your future with us then you will receive a personal invitation to this fantastic day which is not to be missed. We've got a Battle of the Bands lined up, festival food, fun and games plus our vibrant subject areas will be open with our outstanding teachers on hand. We'll have some awe-inspiring lectures such as Exploring the Solar System and some more controversial like Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll!

We'll have competitions to win ButserFest tickets and some very handy giveaways too! Keep up to date @acwelcomefest