The College aims to provide:

  • Potential learners with an opportunity to view our facilities, buildings, resources and to meet staff
  • Accurate details of fees where applicable, associated costs and sources of financial support
  • An enrolment process which is easy and efficient
  • An atmosphere which promotes purposeful study, hard-work and an enjoyable experience
  • Appropriate learning resources
  • The opportunity to achieve success on your chosen course and enjoy the highest standards of teaching, learning and support

As a Student, you can expect:

  • Clear, accurate and up-to-date information about our courses, entry requirements, modes of study and assessment methods
  • Fair and impartial advice to help you decide which course is most suitable for you
  • A helpful induction to the College and to your programme of study
  • Professional, committed and specialist staff
  • A caring and safe learning environment
  • An assessment of your learning needs and provision of additional learning support to enable you to take full advantage of, and benefit from, the opportunities offered by the College
  • Access to a confidential counselling service and a range of support studies to help develop your skills
  • Regular assessment of your learning and feedback on your progress
  • Advice and guidance on further and higher education and career options
  • References when you apply to higher education or employment
  • Opportunities to make your views known and a prompt response to any problem relating to your studies which you draw to our attention
  • Clear and fair complaints and disciplinary procedures
  • Information about the performance of the College

As a Student, we expect you to:

  • Sign and abide by a Learner Agreement which outlines the commitment you make to your education and to the College and be aware of the College’s Learning Policy
  • Participate fully in your chosen programme of study by maintaining full attendance in all timetabled activities, being punctual, completing assignments and homework and meeting required deadlines
  • Inform us if you cannot attend and provide valid reasons for any absence, in accordance with our attendance and absence guidelines
  • Take holiday only outside term-time
  • Be suitably dressed and equipped for College work
  • Respect the needs of others in line with the British Values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs
  • Abide by the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Code of Practice
  • Behave in a way that ensures the health and safety of all those in College and take care of resources, facilities and buildings
  • Support the ethos of the College and not take any action which could bring the College into disrepute
  • Abide by the Student Computer Usage Policy
  • Abide by all other College policies, especially those related to Equality and Diversity, Anti-Bullying, Commitment and Misconduct, and Social Media