(A Parent includes a Guardian or those with parental responsibility for sixth form students)

Your attention is drawn to the commitments we make to students but we recognise the importance of the involvement and support of parents. As a parent of a sixth form student, you can expect:

  • A close, three-way relationship between the College, the student and parents in order to help your son/daughter achieve their full potential
  • To be involved in matters concerning progress and discipline, even if your son/daughter reaches the age of 18 during their time at College
  • To have the opportunity to consult with teaching staff about your son/daughter’s academic progress, personal and social development
  • To receive regular updates about your son/daughter’s academic progress through our electronic monitoring system (Insight)
  • To receive notification, when appropriate, regarding your son/daughter’s academic attendance
  • Consultation if your son/daughter wishes to change academic or vocational courses
  • To be kept informed of important dates and events in the life of the College

To help us, we ask you to:

  • Encourage your son/daughter to meet our expectations of them
  • Inform us if you become concerned about any aspect of your son/daughter’s progress
  • Inform us of changes in personal circumstances, such as a change of address or domestic circumstances
  • Notify us about absence, in accordance with our guidelines
  • Not take your son/daughter on holiday during term-time 
  • Respond promptly to College communications
  • Attend Parents’ Evenings, where appropriate, including consultation evenings for parents/guardians with College teachers and tutors plus meetings about higher education and careers