We welcome your feedback

We are committed to continuous improvement and we want to know what our students, their parents and employers think of our courses and the quality of the services we provide.  We receive many complimentary messages and they are greatly appreciated by our committed and excellent staff, but we also wish to hear about any causes for concern.

How to contact us

For general enquiries, queries and comments:

  • Via the website: altoncollege.ac.uk and select Contact Us
  • Via the Student Hub: hub.altoncollege.ac.uk and Open a New Ticket

Causes for concern:

  • Sixth form students or their parents should, in the first instance, contact the personal tutor.  If this is not appropriate they should contact the relevant Director of Learning
  • Adult students, Higher Education students and employers of students studying at the College should discuss problems with their course tutor unless this is not appropriate in which case they should contact the appropriate Director of Learning 
  • Any other concerns, please write to the Principal

Formal complaints

It is College policy to encourage students, parents, employers and members of the community to resolve issues and disagreements informally, where possible. 

In the rare event that a matter cannot be dealt with in an informal way, the College Complaints Policy and Procedures will be followed.  This sets out the stages and timescales for formal complaints and appeals.

If you are still dissatisfied

If matters cannot be resolved internally, you can contact: