About the Corporation

Alton College is a Sixth Form College Corporation initially created by the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009, which amended the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 and subsequently amended by the Education Act 2011. The powers and responsibilities of Alton College Corporation are set out in these three Acts and in the Instrument and Articles of Government. In addition, the Corporation has to comply with the Financial Memorandum, Post-16 Audit Code of Practice, Charities Act 2006 and general laws relating for example, to equality, health and safety, freedom of information and employment.

What this means is that Alton College is an independent institution, funded mainly from the Government and working to a set of rules but not controlled by the Local Authority or from Central Government like schools or academies are. 

The Corporation (Governing Body) agrees the strategic direction of the College including the mission, vision and aims of the College. The Corporation supports the Principal and the Senior Management Team acting as a ‘critical friend’ to the College. 

The Corporation consists of up to 20 Governors; all volunteers from our local communities, parents, students and staff. These members bring skills, experience and local knowledge to the Corporation; for example, the current membership includes working and retired educationalists, accountants, business leaders and professional people working in local and international companies and the public sector together with College staff and students who share their experience of working or studying at the College.

The Corporation has a number of specific responsibilities as set out in its ‘Instrument and Articles of Government’:
• Setting the strategic direction of the College – including consultation with staff and students
• The effective and efficient use of the College’s resources and safeguarding its assets
• Approving the annual budget and accounts
• All matters relating to the Principal's appointment
• Setting a framework for all staff pay and conditions

The Corporation has four main committees (Audit Committee, Curriculum, Quality, Students and Staff Committee (CQSS), Finance and Resources Committee (FRC) and Search and Governance Committee(SGC)). There is also a sub-committee of CQSS to enable communication between Governors and students via the Students’ Union. Current Corporation and Committee members can be found in the current membership document. Terms of Reference for these Committees and minutes from recent meetings can be found on the minutes of meetings page.