Student Computer Usage Policy

Information Technology Student Users Policy

Alton College is proud of its high quality IT Facilities and committed to continually maintaining and improving them for the benefit of all users. To assist us in doing this you are required to read and agree to the terms in this agreement before you use the IT facilities provided by the College.

Any damage caused to Information Technology facilities or misuse through disregard or abuse of these rules will lead to action taken in accordance with the Commitment and Misconduct Policy.

Information Technology Equipment

  • Food or drink is not permitted in any classroom or study area.
  • CCTV is operating on campus, including computer areas. Footage may be used as evidence in any disciplinary action.
  • Your user account is for your use only. You are not permitted to allow any other person to access the College network using your user account.
  • You may not view, download, store, distribute or print any materials that could in anyway be considered offensive or contravene the College’s Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy.
  • The data on the College network should not be regarded as confidential. Regular inspections are made to ensure compliance with College policy and to maintain security.
  • Any user who attempts to disable, defeat or circumvent any College security facility will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • Security systems are used to record certain computer activity, including email use and Internet access.
  • You are not permitted to customise College computers; this includes changing the appearance, system settings, operational defaults etc.
  • No unlicensed copyrighted material is to be stored on College computers.
  • You must not interfere with files belonging to other users, by whatever means.
  • You must not download or install any software on any computer in the College.
  • Sending of network broadcast messages across the College network is not allowed.
  • You are not permitted to launch programs from removable media connected to College computers.
  • You must not play games of any kind on any College computers.
  • Should you find a fault of any kind, do not attempt to fix it. Report the fault to the ICT Service Desk.

All Internet and email usage must comply with:

  • the five fundamental British Values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and abilities
  • the Prevent duty, the purpose of which is to reduce the threat to the UK from all forms of terrorism by stopping people being drawn into terrorism. If in the course of your independent study you need to research terrorism and/or counter-terrorism you must discuss this with your teacher in advance who will notify the Safeguarding Team

Students should be aware that traffic and content may be monitored and appropriate action will be taken if necessary.

Internet Services

Alton College provides fast Internet access to help you with your studies. We expect you to use the Internet for educational purposes and to conduct yourself responsibly and appropriately on the Internet.

  • Any user who posts materials to any web site that may be considered damaging or offensive to any persons affiliated with the College will be subject to disciplinary action.
  • You must not download, store, view, print or redistribute any file from the Internet that is not directly related to your studies.
  • Students must not download any applications (programs, screen savers, games etc.).
  • The use of public Internet proxies is strictly forbidden.
  • The College Internet service must not be used to download or distribute pirated or un-licensed software, music or other data.
  • The College Internet facility must not be used to propagate any virus, malware or prank software.
  • Use of Internet Instant Messaging and Social Networking web sites is permitted to assist you with your studies or research.
  • Use of Instant Messaging and Social Networking must not unreasonably prohibit other users from accessing College computers for their own study.
  • You are not permitted to install or run Instant Messaging applications on College computers – you must only use Internet based chat systems.

Email Services

As a student of the College, you are provided with an email account to assist with your College activities.

  • You must not send unnecessary or inappropriate Emails and in particular Emails which could be considered offensive, malicious or derogatory.
  • You must not send bulk emails (spam) to multiple users.
  • Save attachments from emails only if they are directly related to your coursework. Attachments are a common source of viruses.
  • Do not forward virus warnings of any kind to anyone, regardless of their source. All virus warnings should be sent to the network Administrator and the network Administrator alone.
  • You should manage your mailbox; delete all unwanted emails and empty your deleted folder regularly.
  • All emails leaving the College network will be appended to with the following statement:

  • The views or opinions expressed in this email are those of the author alone and not necessarily those of Alton College. This email (and any attachment) is sent in confidence for the addressee(s) only. It may contain confidential or sensitive information. The contents are not to be disclosed to anyone other than the addressee. Unauthorised recipients are requested to preserve this confidentiality and to advise us of any errors in transmission. Thank you.

Good Practice

  • Keep your password private – do not give it to anyone. We cannot be responsible for the loss of data or abuse of College systems due to an insecure account.
  • Always log off when you have finished your session; lock your session if you leave your computer for a short period of time.
  • Save your work regularly, using appropriate and meaningful names for your documents.
  • If you use removable media, label it clearly with your name and tutor group number.
  • Manage your home directory folders and store your work where it can be easily found.
  • Your storage space on the network is limited and you will need to manage it carefully. When you no longer need to keep documents on the network, copy them to removable media and store them safely at home.
  • Learning Resources Centre staff can provide assistance in using College computing facilities and help you get the most from the computing services we offer.
  • Observe copyright laws when using computers.
  • In the interests of your own health and safety, avoid bad posture, physical stress and eye strain while using the computers.

If you have any questions regarding any aspects of the usage of the College computers or the content of this agreement and how it affects your work, please ask a member of staff for assistance.